Old elevators never die…they just get modernized.

Older elevators can be given a new lease of life through modernization.

Modernization of existing equipment with Clovgate Elevator Company is very beneficial as we carry out surveys and issue reports on the condition of the equipment and advise you of all current standards to which the lift should conform, and the best and most cost-effective way to transform it, giving both first class appearance and longevity.

Working with manufacturers such as Nidec-Kinetek Elevator and Escalator Technology, Nidec-Kinetek Motion Control Engineering, the industry leaders in non-proprietary controls and equipment, we custom-design each elevator to fit traffic, safety and budget requirements of our clients.

With MCE equipment, you are never a life-long slave to your elevator installation company. Any qualified elevator service organization can maintain your elevators. For the replacement, modernization or partial reconstruction of any lift in existing or occupied property, Clovgate project engineers provide unrivalled experience to ensure a careful blending of existing and modern equipment with the minimum of alteration or disruption to building function and fabric. Our ability to create cost-effective, efficient and reliable systems around existing key components has been extensively demonstrated in all sectors of the market.

Clovgate Elevators specializes in the many varied aspects of building work relating to lift reconstruction, including the provision of lift shaft structures and enclosures and ancillary electrical and redecoration work.

Our Project Engineers will carefully monitor the contract from commencement until completion, and with our specialist abilities, your time-consuming involvement with numerous sub-contractors will be avoided.

Our independence on upgrades allows us to utilize a wide range of equipment from Europe, US, Africa and Asia. We believe this offers you a significant advantage because we have evolved systems to combine the very best individual components from a wide range of sources and have successfully integrated them into our customers’ requirements.



2. Control System

  • lControl, Group Control
  • lCOP,LOP
  • lTravelling cable, Hoistway cable
  • lOther Hoistway components

4. Safety Components

  • lSafety Components(Over speed governor,Safety gear,Buffer)
  • lDeflector sheave, Car frame deflector, counter weight

1. Traction System

  • lMachine
  • lBedplate
  • lDeflector Sheave
  • lRope

3. Door System

  • lCar door operator
  • lHall door panel
  • lTrack and hanger