CLOVGATE Elevator Company has an enviable reputation for unusual projects and delivering unexpected solutions.

From the very first year of trading, our company has provided solutions to a pool base that includes the following projects:


Clovgate supplied and installed state-ot-the-art elevator equipment, complete with 12” LCD TV screens for advertorials, and vandal-proof car operating panel buttons and 30 hall indication panels.

The control system was designed from the ground up using next-generation technology. iControl is the revolutionary platform that outperforms today’s industry-standard controllers. How? Through integration: A system of components that work together, smoothly and automatically, to deliver the best possible performance. Not only does the system expertly synchronize the operations of the lifts within the group, it learns traffic patterns and seIf-adjusts to suit demands per given time;

The elevator system is backed up by an intelligent emergency power pack, the TAPS, which is designed to outperform standard battery packs. The TAPS provides backup power when commercial power is lost, safely delivering the elevator car to a landing and maintaining door power so passengers can exit safely. With the TAPS, there are no entrapments due to power loss. Who wouldn’t want to ride in elevators at The Rainbow Towers Hotel?


Clovgate was honoured with the task of repairing and maintaining 22 elevators and escalators at the majestic Joina City. When Joina City appointed Clovgate Elevator Company to look after their elevator equipment, they earned the ability to turn the difficulty of elevator shut downs and problems into situations of control and tenant satisfaction. Clovgate helped them orchestrate that change.


Clovgate was given an enviable task to resurrect a couple of hydraulics and yesteryear technology escalators. Through sheer commitment to give the airport management peace of mind and offer the travelling public flawless ‘People-Lifting-Business-Lifting’ experience, Clovgate embarked on a program to improve the performance of the systems at the Airport an ongoing endeavour which will see the old systems replaced by their modern-day equivalents.


Back in 2007, after several vain attempts by others to run the then newly-modernized elevators, Old Mutual needed running lifts at OMC, without delay that is, as return on their investment. The search for a solution provider had started in earnest. Clovgate accepted the challenge. Through sheer cooperation between Clovgate and Old Mutual and the equipment manufacturer, Clovgate managed to run the elevator systems in high speed and synchronically within the group in two weeks.