Clovgate Elevator Company provides Nidec-Kinetek elevator packages. With design centers on two continents, Nidec-Kienetek has the advantage of understanding the elevator marketplace across a very broad perspective and its packages reflect this flexibility:

Standard and Cantilevered MRLs — 350 to 1600 kg loads at speeds to 2.0 meters per second.

Conventional and cantilever designs available.

Expanded Capacity MRLs— Loads up to 2000 kg (2:1 roping) or 2100 to 3500 kg (4:1 roping). Conventional design.

Heavy Duty MRLs — Loads up to 4000 kg, (4:1 roping)

Standard Machine Room — Speeds up to 6.0 meters per second. Conventional, overhead machine room installations.

Panoramic — 630 kg to 1000 kg loads at speeds up to 1.75 meters per second.

Vehicle Lifts — Hydraulic or traction, speeds to 0.75 meters per second. Hydraulics — Hydraulic installations. Traditional or roped.

And active key components by Nidec-Kinetek;

Low Overhead, Shallow Pit

  • Low overhead up to 3600mm, pit design 600mm
  • Slim gearless machine and control system.
  1.  2000kg, 2.5m/s
  2. 5000kgs, 1 m/s

MRL Elevator Type:


Installation upto 2.5 m/s

Can be configured as full glass shaft.

Capacity upto 2000kgs

Installation upto 1.0 m/s

Capacity up to 5000kgs

C Class goods /  Car Lift

MRL Features

  • Reduce Space
  • Independent of the hoistway support suspension structure minimum noise and vibration.
  • Can meet large load(5000kg).
  • Speed up to 2.5 m/s, a standard maximum lifting height of 125 meters.
  • Reduce the top level or pit depth.
  • Optional:
  1.  Special Application  – Side opening cantilever machine room.
  2. 90-degree opening structure.
  3. 3 door structure