Clovgate Elevator Company provides Nidec-Kinetek elevator packages. With design centers on two continents, Nidec-Kienetek has the advantage of understanding the elevator marketplace across a very broad perspective and its packages reflect this flexibility:

Standard and Cantilevered MRLs — 350 to 1600 kg loads at speeds to 2.0 meters per second.

Conventional and cantilever designs available.

Expanded Capacity MRLs— Loads up to 2000 kg (2:1 roping) or 2100 to 3500 kg (4:1 roping). Conventional design.

Heavy Duty MRLs — Loads up to 4000 kg, (4:1 roping)

Standard Machine Room — Speeds up to 6.0 meters per second. Conventional, overhead machine room installations.

Panoramic — 630 kg to 1000 kg loads at speeds up to 1.75 meters per second.

Vehicle Lifts — Hydraulic or traction, speeds to 0.75 meters per second. Hydraulics — Hydraulic installations. Traditional or roped.

And active key components by Nidec-Kinetek;

High speed heavy duty gearless traction machine

Speed up to 10m/s

Destination-Based Dispatching System

(DBD)Up to 15 group control

High speed group control – iControl

Speed up to 10m/s

Low noise and vibration

Maximum Horizontal Vibration(A95) – ≤ 7 gal (0.07m/S2)

Maximum Vertical Vibration(A95) –  ≤ 7 gal (0.07m/S2)

Maximum Noise Measurement – ≤ 55 dB

  • Using 3-layer filling composite car wall
  • Car with half-cut imitation oval shroud, and with the upper and lower spoiler to address the high-pressure wind noise and gas turbulence on the car’s operation
  • Cabin rope shock absorber and the car at the bottom of shock absorber in strict accordance with the effective frequency to calculate the appropriate selection of design

Safe and Reliable Design

Guide Rail

  • Anti-vibration
  • BEE type high precision machined guide rail
  • Pre-assembled

Cabin Design

  • Filled car walls
  • Centrifugal fan
  • Semi-cut(oval) top/bottom shroud
  • The vibration isolators

Compensation Tension Unit

  • Boost with the tension sheave, weights and viscous dampers.
  • The calculation of the ratio of the tension weight to the damping coefficient takes the natural swing of the high building into account.
  • Ensure minimal swing under high wind

Safety Gear

  • Carbon fiber clamp or composite ceramic clamp lining
  • Meet the high-speed elevator wear resistance to high thermal shock requirements