Access is a human right

Clovgate Elevator Company believes access is a human right and, in terms of this belief, the company has fused its products with features to enable its product offerings to comply with the Disabled Persons Act of Zimbabwe and other international codes like ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act).

Esau Mandipa, a lecturer in the Faculty of Law at Midlands State University (Zimbabwe) and a lawyer in practice with Gundu and Dube Legal Practitioners in Gweru (Zimbabwe), in an article in The Herald of 5 January 2018, page A3 which was titled: Addressing disability issues needs more than charity; mentioned that “it is estimated that there are 1,4 million persons with disabilities (PWDS) in Zimbabwe. Despite such a significant number, PWDS continue to be an extremely marginalised group in society. PWDS face a myriad challenges, especially exclusion from major areas like education, employment, health, housing and political participation, only to mention but a few. What compounds the sorry situation of PWDS in Zimbabwe is that disability is still viewed as a charity issue. Whenever the so-called non-disabled persons meet PWDS, they are strongly convinced that a donation of something, be it cash or other goodies, is the salvation. This is totally wrong! It is high time that this charity approach to disability comes to an end. We have to think beyond the charity approach to disability. What PWDs need is not charity, but total emancipation.”

Inspired by Mr Mandipa’s article, Clovgate has expanded its product range to include stair lifts and wheelchair stairlifts, to give lifestyle independence to persons with disabilities (PWDs); to give them freedom to move around and up and down stairs.

If you or your loved ones have difficult with stairs then an Acorn stairlift or a wheelchair stairlift from Clovgate Elevator Company can make a huge difference to your life.

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