Our "Leadership through solutions" ethos has positioned us as Number #1 in customer satisfaction and solution provision ratings in the region.

Over the past fifteen years, we have helped over 1000 building owners and managers to keep their elevator systems running. Over the next two, we are planning to help 10000 more.

We are helping by providing new equipment, upgrading and repairing existing equipment, resuscitating abandoned equipment and offering protective maintenance services, safety engineering and accident prevention consulting. By working face-to-face, to create customized solutions.

While we manufacture, install, modernize, repair and maintain elevators and escalators, and respond to elevator distress calls within reasonable time, our core business is to offer our customers peace of mind.


The Company and its competent qualified and widely experienced directors, office staff and technicians have a combined service experience of over 100 years gained from within the elevator industry, and offer an all-embracing competitive service in all spheres of vertical transportation.

Although the company is relatively young, competent management and a sensible approach to changes in the economic climate have ensured continued controlled growth and a level of service to clients that cannot be offered by major companies within the industry.

With both management and service technicians having extensive experience and training on most of the major elevator and escalator manufactures including Otis, Schindler, Kone, Mitsubishi and ThyssenKrupp, our all round skills development has enhanced our reputation of technical competency.


Clovgate Elevator Company can and will commit the full resources of the world's most connected elevator service company to the local service of your elevators. Not to mention the personalized, attentive service that has made Clovgate Elevator Company second to none.

Through its alliances with Kinetek Elevator and Escalator Group, Avire Global, Nidec Corporation, Motion Control Engineering Inc., Clovgate provides on-demand elevator and escalator technical and support solutions through both face-to-face interaction and on the Internet by applying technology and the expertise of its invaluable employees and service partners and supply partners to give its customers the best vertical transportation and mobility experience, with a solid commitment to improving elevator, escalator and all vertical transportation and mobility equipment's safety and reliability to its customers and everyone it serves. Clovgate fulfills consumer demand through the immediate provisioning of goods and services.