Founded in 2003, Clovgate Elevator Company is a dedicated vertical transportation installation, maintenance and repair company providing new equipment, survey, repair and modernization services for elevators, escalators, home lifts, stairlifts…


Clovgate is your reliable partner. You need to move people, and lift business; and we have the reliable, state-of-the-art products and globally developed expertise to help you through every stage of establishing a reliable vertical transportation system for your building…


Clovgate’s maintenance and repair arrangements are flexible and cost-effective. Our teams will work with you to meet the specific requirements for your building; traffic patterns, equipment condition, and your tenants and personal demands…


CLOVGATE Elevator Company has an enviable reputation for unusual projects and delivering unexpected solutions.From the very first year of trading, our company has steadily expanded to a client base that includes Healthcare, Hotels, Institutional, Retail Malls, Marine…




Clovgate can help you regain your independence in your home. Installing a stair lift essentially removes the obstacle of stairs from your home. You will have peace of mind, knowing that you can access every part of the home you love.

Wheelchair Steplift 

Practical – provides both wheelchair and pedestrian access at the same doorway – inside or outside. Easy to Use – convenient controls (remote option available) and shallow approach ramp.

Platform Lift

The all-new Terry Melody 3 Platform Lift offers an attractive and practical solution to the problem of short-rise vertical wheelchair access up to 3 metres.

Public Access Lift

Our range of public access lifts comply fully with local regulations; and will help you meet the requirements of the Disabled Persons Act.

Lifestyle Home Lift

Stylish home elevator lifts, to future proof your home.

Wheelchair Stairlift

Providing disabled access for public and commercial buildings and in the homes; commercial buildings, but can also be installed in the home; offering a level of independence to wheelchair users.

Harmony Through-Floor Lift

Providing you with safe and easy access upstairs, meaning you can live independently in the comfort of your home. Domestic wheelchair lifts, designed for independent living.


(Where elevator and escalator products associated with Clovgate’s offerings were applied)


Yoo and Arts, Panama
4.0-5.0m/s 78 floors
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1000-1600KG, 3.5-7m/s DBD System , No.2 highest buliding in Mexico
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Celtis, Guadalajara Mexico
1160kg , 3.0m/s、4.0 m/s DBD System
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Prudential Plaza, Chicago
6.0 m/s Chicago Landmark
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We are committed to operating within the highest standards of professionalism, integrity, transparency and principled performance in all areas building on the rules and regulations set by the authorities and the assurance that Clovgate Elevator Company will always treat everyone with the same respect that we expect.

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