Any elevator, no matter how busy or new, requires regular and expert maintenance to ensure maximum performance, reliability and passenger safety. If you keep your elevators in disrepair or misrepair, the cost of replacing your complete system could turn into an unpleasant reality. At Clovgate Elevator Company we service all makes and designs of elevators to the very highest standards, to give you peace of mind. Our mobile service teams are on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week, giving you expert engineers ready to tackle any problem on any elevator equipment at the minimum of delay. We can even provide resident staff should the use of your equipment demand the continuous presence of qualified and experienced engineers.


To assist in keeping your elevator maintenance costs down we work with you to create an individual programme of care to meet your own specific requirements. This ensures optimum performance, avoids any costly and unnecessary over-maintenance. Repair work and company losses sustained by equipment downtime can amount to hundreds of thousands and even billions of dollars a year for large corporations and manufacturing facilities. Preventive maintenance is the pride of Clovgate Elevator Company’s service team.

Maintenance Contracts

Examine, Oil and Grease. Our Gold Contract includes monthly preventative maintenance, lubing and cleaning basic elevator equipment including machine, motor and controller, elevator pit, and the cleaning of the machine room floor. It includes lubrication of the bearings and guides, and making minor adjustments along with furnishing oil, grease, rope preservatives and materials necessary to lubricate the equipment. The Gold Contract does not include the cost of parts and components. Clovgate Elevator Company will carry stocks of all applicable parts and components for your equipment but will only release them upon receiving full payment for the said parts and components.

Full Preventive Maintenance Agreement. Includes regular maintenance visits, oil, grease, repair, adjustment and lubrication for optimum performance, immediate warning of weak or faulty components. Replacement parts will be charged extra.

Bespoke Maintenance Agreement. Performance-Based Contract. If regular maintenance visits, adjustment and lubrication for optimum performance and immediate warning of weak or faulty components do not exactly meet your company’s requirements, Clovgate Elevator will be glad to undertake bespoke contracts tailored specifically to your need. Contact our non-commission sales team for a no-obligation quotation.

At Clovgate Elevator Company we understand that every client is different and sometimes our standard maintenance agreement may not meet your requirements. We pride ourselves in meeting the requirements of our clients in relation to the following:

  • specific building needs
  • national agreements
  • performance related
  • special installation conditions
  • consultant’s specifications

Contact our non-commission sales team for a no-obligation quotation.

Also, we offer a full advisory service on health and safety matters and are happy to undertake site inspections providing reports on the conditions of installations.

Clovgate Elevator Company, in addition to statutory reporting, provides regular and detailed surveys to customers’ equipment which not only give extensive and accurate information on it’s state of repair, but also the most beneficial programme of renewal to help our customers budget ahead for future expenditure. We also generate on quarterly basis, detailed history of the working life of their machinery. This information proves beneficial for planning purposes.