Our complete range of Terry Lifts® Lifestyle Lift solutions covers domestic and commercial public access lift applications. Whether you require a platform lift, step lift, through floor lift, home lift, passenger lift, wheelchair lift or a commercial goods lift, we can offer the best solution for you. We are dedicated to providing with safe and reliable products that comply with all of the relevant international standards.

Lifestyle Home Lift


When stairs become too much, the Lifestyle Home Lift provides the ideal solution for staying in your home. Designed by the Terry Lifts team of experts using the latest technology, the Lifestyle Lift makes your life that little bit easier. Stay near your loved ones, in the house and neighbourhood where you have always felt at home in. The Lifestyle Home Lift will look great in your home, letting you keep your staircase unobstructed.

Harmony Through Floor Lift


Live independently in the comfort of your home with the Harmony Unenclosed Wheelchair Through Floor Lift. The lift will provide you with safe and easy access upstairs, meaning you can regain the whole living space without needing to move to a bungalow or ground floor flat. Use the lift seated in a wheelchair or on an optional fold-down seat. The Harmony Through Floor Lift features a market leading selection of car sizes, so you are sure to find a model that perfectly meets your needs.

Concerto GS Vertical Platform Lift


The Concerto GS is a practical solution to a wide range of access requirements and is a suitable option for all kinds of domestic and commercial buildings. Whether you are working on a new build or an adaptation project, the Concerto GS can be easily incorporated due to its modular structure. It can be specified with up to six stops and to a lifting height of up to 12 metres.

TSL 1000 Step Lift


If wheelchair access to your home is obstructed by several steps, the TSL 1000 offers a comprehensive and practical solution, especially when a ramp is not a feasible option. The second of our Step Lift range; the TSL 1000 can travel up to 1 metre and can be easily installed inside or outside of your home.

S7 SR Inclined Platform Stair Lift


This versatile stair lift has been designed for straight staircases and can be fitted directly to a wall or supported on stanchion posts. It provides disabled access for public and commercial buildings, but can also be installed in the home, offering a level of independence to wheelchair users.

Melody 3 Vertical Platform Lift


The Melody 3 Vertical Platform Lift provides a practical solution to the challenge of vertical lift travels up to three metres. It provides a safe and easy way to gain access to a property where stairs would otherwise prevent wheelchair access, both into the home and public or commercial buildings.

S7 CR Inclined Platform Stair Lift


This functional and versatile wheelchair stair lift is an ideal access solution if you have a curved staircase. It can be installed with little or no structural modifications so is a cost-effective option for a home, or public building. The compact design ensures that the lift folds down to a narrow profile, providing maximum stairway clearance.

Portable Platform Lift for Disabled & Wheelchair Access


The Portable Platform Lift provides a practical and flexible solution where wheelchair access is required on a temporary basis. The compact lift folds down easily for transportation and storage. It is the perfect solution for stages and mezzanine levels in schools, theatres, village halls and other public buildings.