Clovgate’s maintenance and repair arrangements are flexible and cost-effective. Our teams will work with you to meet the specific requirements for your building; traffic patterns, equipment condition, and your tenants and personal demands.

At Clovgate Elevator Company we appreciate that the vertical transportation needs of large organizations come in all shapes and sizes. What they need is a single source to handle them. One that listens, gets to know how they do their business and then tailors solutions to suit their demands. They need Clovgate Elevator Company’ iService package!

Regardless of the brand of the elevators you own; regardless of the sector your building operates in – including Healthcare, Hotels, Institutional, Retail malls, Marine, Office, Residential, Sports, Expos, Transport, Power Stations and Mines -;  before you make a long-term decision on elevator maintenance, modernization, upgrading, repairs or your elevator emergency communication needs, we encourage you to consider calling on Clovgate. We will gladly give you further details regarding our service and the team that will attend to your equipment, plus contractual options beneficial to your organization.

No matter how many buildings you own, or how many different elevator brands you operate, or the state of your elevator systems, the iService package is ready to handle them all.

We, Clovgate Elevator Company, provide a full repair and maintenance program, using industry-approved parts and consumables, to all the main lift manufactures. You will find that not only do we keep your lifts running smoothly, but that we are also dedicated and committed to improving the reliability, durability and performance of all lifts we service.

Our iService package for existing equipment includes:

  •  24/7 Callback/ Distress Call Service
  • Repair and Resuscitate Plan
  •    Preventative Maintenance Programs
  • Safety and Compliance Check
  • Upgrade/ Modernization Plan
  •  Aesthetic Enhancements

Clovgate Elevator Company can and will commit the full resources of the world’s most connected elevator service company to the local service of your elevators. Not to mention the personalized, attentive service that has made Clovgate Elevator Company second to none.

As a building owner or property manager, protecting your capital investment, complying with safety and code requirements, and keeping your elevator riders safe is an important part of managing your business.

We believe the key to safe and reliable elevator performance is regularly scheduled preventative maintenance visits, performed by skilled elevator technicians. Add rapid response in emergency situations and a fair price for the service, and you have the best value in the industry today!