Clovgate Elevator Company provides Nidec-Kinetek elevator packages. With design centers on two continents, Nidec-Kienetek has the advantage of understanding the elevator marketplace across a very broad perspective and its packages reflect this flexibility:

Standard and Cantilevered MRLs — 350 to 1600 kg loads at speeds to 2.0 meters per second.

Conventional and cantilever designs available.

Expanded Capacity MRLs— Loads up to 2000 kg (2:1 roping) or 2100 to 3500 kg (4:1 roping). Conventional design.

Heavy Duty MRLs — Loads up to 4000 kg, (4:1 roping)

Standard Machine Room — Speeds up to 6.0 meters per second. Conventional, overhead machine room installations.

Panoramic — 630 kg to 1000 kg loads at speeds up to 1.75 meters per second.

Vehicle Lifts — Hydraulic or traction, speeds to 0.75 meters per second. Hydraulics — Hydraulic installations. Traditional or roped.

And active key components by Nidec-Kinetek;

Destination Based Dispatching (DBD)

  • Speed up the efficiency of high-speed elevator group control.
  • Manages the elevator group, interval, handling capacity and nominal travel time.
  • Eliminates traffic congestion, advanced dispatching upto 15 elevator group.
  • Can be fully integrated with the building security system.
  • Support cross-registration
  • Support full DBD or mixed DBD
  • It can be configured as a lobby boost or full-source-to destination option.
  • Maximise efficiency especially on projects such as hotels and offices.
  • compatible are Nidec, control and monitoring system.
  • Design for 1.5m/s elevator or above.

iCue System

Artificial intelligence / fuzzy control group control management system

The allocation schedule of the elevator is adjusted to the time division, the floor rate, and the frequency of use of the branch to the destination layer.

Have a dynamic decentralised ladder waiting.

Work shift, midday peak operation mode.

Group control group despatch mode

Walk time technology: each DID has a location ID (number), which can individually design the weighing time of each elevator according to the required Walk time.

Establish and identify different modes of transportation: automatic, lobby peak, upper peak, lower peak, Hierarchical communication mode.

Seamless Security

Nidec is designed with security features to secure the well being in everyday life:

  • Passengers identity validate after swiping the badge at the turnstile and the floor will be assigned simultaneously at the turnstile.
  • Passengers can use a security card to access the kiosks at every floor for identity verifying.
  • the user-friendly built-in security system adapts to the dynamic building traffic conditions and integrated fully with the building security system.