Since their launch in 1993, E-Motive products have been consistently redefining the elevator and building display industry.

From LCD displays, dot matrix LED displays through elevator interface and accessories products, our comprehensive range of products provides the building owner with choice, flexibility and an opportunity to truly differentiate their property.

Elevator Fixtures

Elevator fixture solutions are the latest addition to E-Motive’s extensive range of LCD and LED display products. These elevator fixtures are available in both slim profile surface mount and flush mount designs with a stainless steel finish. They provide a readily assembled solution for modernisation and new installation projects at landing and in car. Custom made fixture material and design are also made available upon request.

  • Key Features
  • Stainless Steel faceplate
  • Up to 25mm overall depth for slim profile surface mount
  • 80mm box depth for flush mount
  • Available up to 1300mm height
  • Complements E-Motive Displays and Accessories

Price: depends on quantities

Elevator Displays

E-Motive S1/ R1 is a full colour display solution which is ideal for simple aesthetic appeal in elevator displays. The S1 can be used for static advertising content or special event promotions, and its slim profile makes it an ideal choice for surface mount fixtures in modernisation projects. The S1 is available in a range of sizes at 5.7”, 7”, 10.4”, 12.1″ and 15″.

E-Motive R1 is ideal as a position indicator display solution for residential buildings, both inside the car and on the landing. The R1 is easy to install and maintain and its ultra-slim design means that it will fit into tight spaces offering a flexible, yet truly enhanced viewing experience. Available in 3.5” and 4.3”.</p

Key Features

  • Slim quality TFT screen
  • Supports both landscape and portrait mode
  • Brilliant Colours of Media Integration and elevator information
  • Configurable both locally via SD Card and remotely via network
  • USB content updating is available (S1 12.1” and 15″)
  • Supports multiple language
  • Supports direct interface to elevator controller (S1 12.1” and 15″)

Panorama Multimedia Ultra-Wide LCD

A revolutionary next-generation elevator media display, E-Motive Panorama provides stunningly crisp, exciting visuals for an informative entertainment elevator experience.
Panorama uses LED-backlit LCD displays with enhanced dynamic contrast and brilliant colour depth, to provide vivid coloured images. The display has flexible and configurable software allowing rich media broadcasting in 1/3 size of a typical 16:9-screen.
With a unique ultra-wide aspect ratio that enhances building space, the Panorama provides greater flexibility for users to design screen layouts. Panorama is available in 3 screen sizes at 19”, 28” and 38”.

Key Features

  • Ultra-wide screen with high brightness
  • High quality TFT screen at viewing angle of almost 180°
  • One unit supports both landscape and portrait
  • Fitting elevator transom and car front return panel
  • Video/Audio live streaming or recorded
  • Floor level synchronised tenant content
  • Configurable both locally via USB and remotely via network
  • Supports Mpeg1/2/4 video

PanaTouch Lift Touch Display

PanaTouch is a multimedia lift touch display and offers an effective and engaging interactive experience for high-end installations.

LCD Displays

E-Motive LCD displays are modern and visually appealing and will transform your elevator and building public areas to an innovative communications platform.

LED Dot Matrix

E-Motive offers a wide range of LED elevator dot matrix display formats for both horizontal and vertical mounting. These LED dot matrix display products display arrows, floor position and programmed messages and are available in both standard and slim profiles.

Hall Lanterns / Gongs

E-Motive’s range of gongs and hall lanterns are fully compatible with our LCD and LED display products. The gongs and hall lanterns provide an audio and visual indicator to announce elevator arrival and intended direction of travel.

Encoders & Converters

E-Motive has a range of Encoder and Converter products to read signals from the elevator controller and encode these signals to provide elevator position and status information..


E-Motive offers various types of elevator accessories ranging from voice annunciator, synchronizer, buzzers and positioning system, to complement the display products.

Elevator Positioning System (EPS)

EPS is a sensor which is designed for use with display indicators to show current floor and direction of travel.

LCD Configuration Software

Our LCD Configuration software allows users to configure screen layouts on E-Motive LCD’s S2, P2, S1 and R1.

Lift Monitoring System (LMS)

E-Motive Lift Monitoring System (LMS) is designed to encompass a broad spectrum of elevator monitoring requirements at a designated central location.


Panachrome+ is the world’s most complete elevator door detection system. This premium light curtain has coloured red and green indicators to highlight door movement and is also available with 3D detection, extending passenger protection into the landing zone.


Memco Panachrome is a true innovation in elevator door safeguarding. It includes coloured indicators which operate on door movement; a feature that has been proven to enhance passenger safety and to reduce door damage.

Pana40 Plus

Pana40 Plus is one of the most established light curtain within the Memco range and this product is renowned for being an exceptionally high quality, reliable solution that provides protection at either 40 or 194 beams.
Pana40 Plus is EN81-20 compliant and is able to detect a 50mm target obstacle at any point across the beam pattern right up until the doors close.


E-Series is ideal for customers who require the excellent performance and quality expected of any Memco product but who do not require any additional features. It is designed with flexibility in mind, and is suitable for both integration into new lifts and for maintenance of existing installations.

Memco Elevator Emergency Telephone

The Memco elevator emergency phone is a premium product, providing trapped passengers with an easy, high quality, reliable, hands-free connection to emergency help.
This Top of car (TOC) unit is provided with a built-in speaker, microphone and backlit LCD display which is used for programming and status information. High quality advanced electronics provide excellent sound, acoustics and reliability.

Key Features

  • Allows full compliance with EN81-28 and EN81-70.
  • Connect up to 8 Memco emergency telephone units to the same phone line
  • Up to 4 alarm numbers and 2 technical alarms.
  • Backlit LCD display for programming and status information.
  • Easy programming using a simple tick box system
  • Stand-alone battery back-up of complete system including GSM.
  • Memco ETR Software – allows easy management of emergency, technical and EN81-28 auto-test calls and the ability to remotely program and re-program installed units.
  • Able to work on VOIP/NGN networks using a VOIP to analogue convertor, or the analogue port on the VOIP master station..