Over the past 14 years, we have helped over 1,000 building owners, users and managers to keep their elevator, escalator and access systems running. Over the next five, we are planning to help 20,000 more.

We are helping by providing new equipment, upgrading and repairing existing equipment, resuscitating abandoned equipment and offering protective maintenance services, safety engineering and accident prevention engineering.

By providing on-demand elevator and escalator technical and support solutions through both face-to-face interaction and on the Internet; by applying technology and the expertise of our invaluable employees and service partners and supply partners to give our customers the best vertical transportation experience, with a solid commitment to improving elevator, escalator and all vertical transportation equipment’s safety and reliability to our customers and everyone we serve.

By offering maintenance, modernization and repair solutions for any brand of the elevator, escalator, autowalks, platform lift, stair lifts; including Otis, Fugitec, Kone, Miller, Schindler, Mitsubishi, ThyssenKrupp, Acorn and Terry manufactures. Our engineers have more than sufficient skill through long experience gained from within the industry.

By providing a full repair and maintenance program, using industry-approved parts and consumables, to all the main lift manufactures. We are dedicated and committed to improving the reliability, durability and performance of all lifts we service.

By offering basic to fully comprehensive maintenance contracts. The contracts we offer are completely flexible to suit our customers’ needs. They are crafted around our their needs and requirements. No potential contract is too large or small to receive the close attention of our dedicated team of specialists.

While we manufacture, install, modernize, repair and maintain elevators, escalators, autowalks, platform lifts, stairlifts, cranes and hoists and respond to distress calls within reasonable time, our core business is to offer our customers peace of mind. We are a dedicated vertical, mobility and access transportation installation, and maintenance and repair company.