Why be a Clovgate Partner?

Increase your income with the Clovgate Partner Scheme - For this global market, our products are market leaders in technology and design, offering a full range of globally industry-approved elevator, escalator, stairlift and home lift equipment, parts, accessories, and services.

Passing your sale lead to Clovgate, you know that we will work as hard as you do. Every one of Clovgate's engineers, installers and products and services consultants participate in a rigorous training program, enabling us to provide a consistently high standard of customer service and technical support.

Becoming a Partner enables you to request a range of promotional material to help you recommend and refer customers to us. Simply request the various types of point of sale materials available through our Yo!lifts App and you'll receive the materials free of charge.

We can also supply our point of sale material in multiple languages. These POS materials can be used around your shop/office, displayed in windows, on packaging and in many other ways to suit you and your business.

If you have your own website, we also have a range of banner adverts which can be used to promote Clovgate which you can use to track the number of clicks and sales that have resulted from having the banner.



What we will do

  • Respond to any lead you refer.
  • Provide prices and product availability.
  • Usually complete installation/ upgrade/ repair faster than anyone else.
  • Keep you informed of progress every step of the way.
  • Send your commission upon completion of sale.

Firstly, you have the benefit of knowing your customer is being looked after by a region's leading elevator company. Secondly, Clovgate does a lot of the work for you; once you've submitted a referral, we'll get in touch with the customer and start the process of selling.

If the customer decides to buy we'll provide the product and complete the installation/ repair quickly and at a convenient time for them.

To help you promote our products, we'll send you marketing materials. We'll also provide you with a range of banner adverts and tools which enable you to view reports and track your users through your website.

In short, becoming a partner with Clovgate enables you to offer your customers an additional, valued service, and gain extra income.