Founded in 2003, Clovgate Elevator Company is a dedicated vertical transportation installation, maintenance and repair company providing new equipment, survey, repair and modernization services for elevators, escalators, home lifts, stairlifts, automated walkways, cranes and hoists. We offer new equipment and installations; and offer maintenance, repair, modernization and support solutions for any brand of elevator and escalator, including Otis, Fugitec, Kone, Miller, Schindler, Mitsubishi and ThyssenKrupp manufactures. We also offer Safety Engineering, Accident Prevention Consulting, Forensic Safety Engineering and Accident Investigation.

Being a wholly independent company, we, Clovgate Elevator Company, are unfettered in our ability to respond to your requirements. We are able to carry out maintenance and engineering services for various kinds of elevators, escalators and hoists produced by other companies. Our engineers have more than sufficient skill through long experience gained from within the industry. Quality, Reliability and Customer satisfaction are key issues within our service.

We, Clovgate Elevator Company, provide a full repair and maintenance program, using industry-approved parts and consumables, to all the main lift manufactures. You will find that not only do we keep your lifts running smoothly, but that we are also dedicated and committed to improving the reliability, durability and performance of all lifts we service.

From the most basic to fully comprehensive, the contracts we offer, are completely flexible to suit your needs. They are crafted around your needs and requirements. No potential contract is too large or small to receive the close attention of our dedicated team of specialists.

Regardless of the brand of the elevators you own, before you make a long-term decision on elevator maintenance, modernization, upgrading, repairs or your elevator emergency communication needs, we encourage you to consider calling on Clovgate Elevators. We will gladly give you further details regarding our service and the team that will attend to your equipment, plus contractual options beneficial to your organization.

Clovgate Elevators is growing in a controlled and financially prudent manner to enjoy a respected position in today’s elevator industry.

The company offers a competent, prompt and professional service to building owners, building managers, and professionals in the fields of New Lifts, Preventive Maintenance, Modernization and Repair.